Top 10 free AI tools

Top 10 free AI tools

Hello Friends, in today’s article I will tell you about the top 10 free AI tools that you can use to make your life easier. There is a lot in it and there is a lot in advance. You are telling me how to make the wrong use of it. I have used all these tools and had a good experience with them or do you recommend the tools?

The top 10 free AI tools in 2024

This is such a tool that you can use to scam anyone. Or the website is from the same designer but you can also misuse it. The name of this tool is This is an advanced tool so that you can edit someone’s screenshot.

If you are able to edit the screenshot of any chat as you are able to edit it on social media like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, and many more, here you can edit the screenshot of any chat as well. Kar saqta han. Just don’t misuse it.

This is a free AI tool that is very useful for someone who has a YouTube channel, as this tool can create a thumbnail of you in 5 seconds. If you want to make a thumbnail then there is no need to talk about which tool you have used.

Top 10 free AI tools

You have to go to our website and you have to write about your topic and select the category. If you want to put any photo in your thumbnail, then upload it or create 4 thumbnails with this tool. Which one can you use using your video?


This tool is very useful, it has a logo that edits music or uploads a song to YouTube. You can get it as a tool like Lofi song, slow reverb, bass boost, audio 3d, equalizer, voice changer, cutter, and many more which you can create with just one click. Whatever problem you have, use this tool quickly.

Huggingface. co

If people use social media then they are business people, have you used this tool? As if you are able to generate a QR code and tell us how to make any simple QR code in advance. In this first of all you have to go to the website and then you have to paste the link to which you want to apply the QR code. After that, in this big feature.

You can tell the app what type of tax code you need and the app will prompt you. you as ma prompt the sakta ho ki aap ko kiss tahar ka. QR code banana Ha. If you are not able to write a prompt on your chatbot, then you need to write a prompt like this, you have to go to our website, paste it, and generate your QR code.

This tool is very trending and as soon as you share the video, you can see it going viral. You can use this tool to sing a song in the voice of someone celebrating. Whose Ronaldo, Modi, Massi, yo yo honey Singh, And you can also tell the voice of your favorite.

Below you have to go to the website and select the song you want to sing, then select the singer, send it to your Gmail account, and sing it. Just send me an email in 5 or 10 minutes as you will download the song and get as many views as you like.

As a tool, you can convert your favorite song into any similar song without any copyright. You just have to create a website or log in and create an account. Add your song after the song, YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, SoundCloud, and Apple Music You can find the link to the sub there.

Top 10 free AI tools

This tool is very trending. This tool is for those who want to be YouTubers, creators, and businesses. You may have seen that the creator of reels on Instagram has said that you can send a link by DM and then you can send the link to him, but he uses it as a tool.

As the tool has been maintained by applying automation, it has been engaged ever since. It is very easy to use this tool and it is safe because it has been approved by Instagram itself, you just have to connect your Facebook business account to Instagram and make the automation live.

Your website is useless and does not rank at the top of Google searches. No matter what tool you use to bring your website to the top by optimizing website your SEO. You just have to go to select the session and paste the link to your website.

Then Seona will increase the SEO speed of your website, will extract the top keywords of your website, and will write a blog about the sub’s fun. This is the day your website’s SEO will be optimized on autopilot. Using this tool once in a while seems to pay off just as you bought it.

Your YouTube channel will grow as you grow with the help of AI.tool. The name of this tool is, you just have to paste the unlisted link of your YouTube video. After all, this tool will optimize your video, and it will also save your title, description, tags, and timeline sub and create a viral thumbnail. If you are a beginner then go quickly and take advantage.


This tool is only for students and as a tool, if you are a father and teacher, you can also use breath. you can find out the math answers easily. Let’s find out, the name of the tool is MathGPTpro,

if you go to the website and don’t know the answer to your question, then you have to paste the photo of the question in the tool and this tool will give you the answer. This Top 10 free AI tools is very fun, go and tell your children about this tool.

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