top 5 games of all time

top 5 games of all time

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Mecha Rama

Welcome, everyone! In this blog post,top 5 games of all time we will be discussing “Mecha Rama,” a diorama puzzle box game for the Nintendo Switch. First, we would like to thank Rainy Frog and Rata Lika Games for providing us with a review code.

“Mecha Rama” is a game that resembles “Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker” and “Monument Valley.” However, it focuses solely on puzzle elements without the story or world interaction. This may be a good or bad thing depending on how much you enjoy pure puzzles. Personally, I prefer games with more story or deeper thought, like in “Captain Toad” or “Monument Valley.”

Nonetheless, “Mecha Rama” is a beautifully animated game with soothing music. The game consists of 100 levels, broken into progressively difficult groups of 24 or 25. The difficulty increases after about 15 levels, even on the easy mode. Some puzzles were difficult, and I found myself resorting to hints to solve them. While the challenge was good, some levels were frustrating, making me give up at times.

One of the issues I faced with the game was the controls, which were awfully fiddly. I think the game was designed as a touchscreen game. Though it is available for free on Android, the controls were imprecise, especially when things got in the way of where I wanted to click. I eventually resorted to using joy cons and buttons, which was slow and imprecise.

The game comes with a level editor, which I thought was a great idea. However, the cursor was not precise, and there was no way to rotate blocks once placed. I wound up with a mess of a puzzle that I could only play by myself. I couldn’t share the level with others or download others online, which was a shame because it’s like making your own scavenger hunt and then playing through it by yourself.

“Mecha Rama” is available for Android device. I would recommend trying it for free on Android first, which has about half the levels that the Switch version has. If you enjoy it, then dive right into the Switch version.

In conclusion, “Mecha Rama” is a good game for puzzle lovers. It has beautiful animations and soothing music, but the controls can be frustrating. The level editor is a great idea, but the imprecise cursor makes it hard to use. If you’re a fan of pure puzzle games, you should definitely give “Mecha Rama” a try.

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Bomberman Friends

If you are a fan of Bomberman, you know how thrilling and exciting the game can be, especially when played in a tournament setting. In this blog post, we will guide you through the different types of tournaments in Bomberman and how to play them.

Classic Tournament

The classic tournament is the traditional way of playing Bomberman. In this mode, you play against other players and have to bomb them while protecting yourself. To win this tournament, you need to blast your way through the factory, and the more you blast, the more you have to walk to protect yourself. You can also buy some effects at the lobby, such as shoes to run faster and flames to burn longer. Additionally, you can send text messages to other players to make the game more fun. In this tournament, you have to worry about yourself, and the player with the most wins will emerge as the winner.

Team Battle Tournament

In the team battle tournament, players are separated into two teams, with each team competing against the other. This is one of the most popular tournaments in Bomberman, and to win, you have to work as a team to defeat the other team. The goal is to catch some keys to open the gate and then pass through it, all while protecting yourself and your team. In the campaign mode, the goal is to get to the gate. This tournament can be quite challenging, but it is also very rewarding.

Presidential Challenge Tournament

The Presidential Challenge tournament is where you play against all the presidents. In this mode, you have a revolver and have to burn as many presidents as you can while passing through the gates to the next levels. The more presidents you burn, the more points you earn. The goal is to burn as many presidents as possible and progress to the next level.

To make the game more exciting, you can buy some effects at the lobby, such as shoes to run faster and flames to burn longer. You can also send text messages to other players to make the game more fun.


Bomberman is an exciting and addictive game that can be played in various tournament settings. Whether you prefer to play the classic tournament, team battle tournament, or presidential challenge tournament, the key to winning is to strategize, work as a team, and have fun. If you are new to the game, we hope this guide has been helpful to you. And if you are a seasoned player, we hope you have learned something new. So, what are you waiting for? Join a tournament, blast away your opponents, and have fun!


Yalla Ludo

Are you a fan of Ludo or Domino, but finding it difficult to gather your friends in one place to play? The Ultimate Mobile Game for Board Game Enthusiasts! Play the classic game of Ludo with friends and family anytime, anywhere.

One of the best features of Yalla Ludo is its real-time voice chat, which lets you talk to your opponents while playing the game. This feature not only makes the game more enjoyable, but also helps you make new friends from all around the world.

Yalla Ludo has various game modes to choose from. For Ludo, there are two modes: 1 ON 1 mode, and 4-Player modeExplore Four Exciting Game Modes with Yalla Ludo: Classic, Master, Quick, and Magic. Discover a new way to play this timeless board game and enjoy endless hours of entertainment. As for Domino, Yalla Ludo offers Drew Game and All Five modes.

Playing with your friends has never been easier with Yalla Ludo’s private and local rooms. You can either play online or offline with your buddies. And if you want to expand your gaming circle, Yalla Ludo has a chat room that allows you to meet more gamers from all over the world and exchange ideas about games.

In the chat room, you can also invite friends or anyone else to play Ludo & Domino. It’s a great opportunity to socialize with people who share the same interest in gaming as you do.

Yalla Ludo is committed to providing you with more fun games that will enrich your daily life. So, what are you waiting for? Download Yalla Ludo now and enjoy the game!


2 Player games : the Challenge

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to spend time with your friends or challenge yourself against the AI? Look no further than this collection of 2 player games that are perfect for playing on the same device! Whether you’re in the mood for a classic game of Ping Pong or want to battle it out in a game of Spinner War, there’s something for everyone in this collection.

One of the best things about this collection is that it offers a wide variety of games that are perfect for playing with a friend or on your own against the AI. So, if you’re feeling competitive and want to challenge your friends, simply pick a game and get ready to battle it out! But if you don’t have any friends to play with, don’t worry – you can still have a blast playing against the AI.

Some of the games you can expect to find in this collection include Ping Pong, Spinner War, Air Hockey, Snakes, Pool, Tic Tac Toe, Penalty Kicks, Sumo, and many more. Each game is designed to be fun and challenging, with minimalistic graphics that keep you focused on the gameplay. And, since the collection saves scores between matches, you can even hold your very own 2 player cup!

If you’re looking for a way to unleash the power of local multiplayer on one device, one phone, or one tablet, this collection of 2 player games is perfect for you. Not only is it a great way to spend time with your friends and family, but it’s also a fun way to challenge yourself and improve your skills.

Just be warned – this multiplayer game can ruin friendships! So, if you’re ready to challenge your friends to a game or two, or just want to have fun playing against the AI, download this collection of 2 player


Hunter Assassin

Hey everyone, it’s Juice Tech Entertainment here and in this blog post, we’re going to do a live review of a popular mobile game available on the Play Store. As a beginner, we decided to try one of the top three games on the Top Charts list, which led us to choose “Hunter Assassin,” with a rating of 4.2 and 100 million-plus downloads.

Upon installing the game, we immediately found it to be exciting and interactive, with smooth controls and nice visuals. However, we quickly noticed that many of the reviews mentioned excessive ads, which made us concerned about our gaming experience.

We started playing the game and quickly became immersed in its puzzling gameplay. We completed several levels and earned 30 blue diamonds, which gave us a good start. However, our enjoyment was disrupted by the frequent ads that kept popping up after every round. We were disappointed to see that we had to watch three to five ads within just two minutes of gameplay.

Although there is an option to purchase a VIP edition to get rid of the ads completely, it’s not a good way to move forward with the gaming experience, especially for the free version. While we understand that ads are part of the revenue model for many mobile games, showing too many ads can ruin the gaming experience and discourage players from continuing to play the game.

Overall, we enjoyed the gameplay of Hunter Assassin, but we were disappointed with the excessive ads. We believe that game developers should strive to find a balance between showing ads and providing a good gaming experience for their users. That’s all for this live review of Hunter Assassin. Stay tuned for more reviews of other mobile games in the future.


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