whatsapp new features

whatsapp new features

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Friends, Whatsapp is changing & changing & there are so many features rolling out & some are in the process of rolling out. whatsapp new features There are at 17-18 new features in Whatsapp & it’s going to change the way you do things on WhatsApp.

if you’re using WhatsApp, then you have to watch this video till the end. If you’re an admin, you chat in groups, you do individual charts & you check everyone’s status, then you must watch this video as there are a lot of changes in everything & I’m going to tell you about this in this blog. If you’re enjoying this video, then hit LIKE & Share it with you’re friends on WhatsApp so that they can become the king of WhatsApp.

whatsapp new features

1: Chat Lock for Enhanced Privacy

There is a chat lock for your privacy. Individual charts aren’t coming, in fact, they’re rolling out & many people must have got it. in the event that you have Whatsapp Beta, you’ll get these elements first. & then the public will get them regularly.

So if want to test the latest & greatest Features, then come to WhatsApp Beta. So this chat lock will lock individual chats & it can be done With you’re face unlock or fingerprint sensor. So if you don’t want to show a single chat to anyone, then you can do & it with your fingerprint sensor. KOI BHE NI DEKHA GA.

Whatsapp new update chat lock

2: Multi-Device Support for Seamless Messaging

I’ve been using WhatsApp since I was a kid & I wanted that feature. Multi-device WhatsApp support. We used to have Whatsapp on 1 gadget and interface it to the PC. But now, you can connect to 4 devices & use the same Whatsapp account. It’s become that simple. it’s not like you can use the same account on 2 devices. you’ll be able to use it. and you’ll have to log in to the device on which the WhatsApp single account is connected.

So that’s a good thing. You can log in to the devices you’re kept for a month & use them. Furthermore, in the event that you haven’t signed in to the essential gadget for quite a while, then, at that point, you’ll have the option to log out from all gadgets. Since that is an essential gadget and I feel that is fair and it’s significant for protection. E-commerce is coming from all platforms. so how will WhatsApp Change?

Whatsapp new update multi device suport

3: E-commerce Integration for Convenient Shopping

You can buy products on WhatsApp itself. There aren’t numerous organizations and it’s a rollout. But this is the feature. This update is a rollout & people can Buy & products on WhatsApp directly. Also, you realize that UPI is as of now on WhatsApp and you can pay from that point.

Now it’s easy to block numbers & chats. There are many unidentified & call messages. Furthermore, every time you receive an unidentified message, you’ll get a warning. You can block it from there. if you don’t know the number. you can block it. obstructing anything from warnings or chats is simple.

E-commerce Integration for Convenient Shopping on Whatsapp

4: Streamlined Blocking and Unidentified Call Management

There are many visual & feature-wise change status updates. You can choose which individuals need to see the status. So you can pick people subtly and simply show them their status. Voice status is coming. So you can set your voice message as a status. You can give a reaction to the status as an emoji.

Furthermore, you’ll handily be aware on the off chance that you see somebody’s profile picture, There’s a ring as an afterthought. It’ll be on the ring as it’s on Instagram and you’ll know that there’s another status. And link previews are also there for the status. Such countless things are changing in the notices. Now the feature that lve you about, some people have rollouts & some have rollouts earlier. And they’re rolling now. But remember, There are many new features coming in the coming days.

5: Enhanced Status Updates for Personalization

You can do chat transfers without Gdrive. You know that when you change your phone, you take the backup on the drive & then restore it. At the point when you sign in to another gadget, you don’t need to do this.

Without GDrive, you’ll have the option to move talks to new gadgets. it’s actually basic, go to settings, then, at that point, talk, then pick visit History move. You’ll get the QR code, scan it with another device & it’ll get transfers.

Whatsapp new update Enhanced Status Updates for Personalization

6: Simplified Chat Transfers without GDrive

Another feature that I’m very happy about, is that I type very Fast, I reply to messages & I make mistakes too. now there’s a messages edit feature, which means you can edit messages after you’re sent them on WhatsApp.

There’s a new feature for unknown callers. Spam calls are very common on WhatsApp now. You must’ve seen it, truth be told, it’s expanded a ton in the last 1-2 months. Now you can automatically silence them. In fact, when you get a call from an unknown caller, You won’t get many notifications, it’ll be silenced automatically. You’ll have to enable that feature.

You will not be upset, you’ll get a warning however it won’t ring, and you won’t be aware. You’ll see it in the call rundown or warning rundown. But I must tell you, there’s a lot of fraud, spam & scam happening. on WhatsApp. please don’t chat with any unknown number. Please don’t fall for it, people have lost lakhs of rupees. There are no free snacks, recollect this much.

implified Chat Transfers without GDrive on Whatsapp

7: Edit Sent Messages and Unknown Caller Features

Now this feature should’ve been there earlier, it’s really delayed. Admin review alert, means you’re on a group chat, there are many times when don’t know unknown people. There are small groups and big groups & there are times when you get messages from an unknown number which is not right.

So many you can’t do anything, you can send a message to the admin Directly. But now, you can press that message & send it to the admin for review. And the admin in the group will get the notification if he likes it, hell let me be or delete it. That ultimately depends on him, yet you can alarm the administrator.

Edit Sent Messages and Unknown Caller Features in whatsapp

8: Admin Review Alert and Channel Broadcasts

Now, Whatsapp is copying some things from Telegram & bringing them on its own platform. Stations, very much like there are various stations on Wire, can be communicated channels.

So these channels are coming very soon and you’ll likely have the option to look through those channels. There might be a channel on national geographic Rehmatedu where were broadcasting. Furthermore, it will be on WhatsApp too.

Now, the navigation is on the top, chats, calls, status, etc. Now it’s going to the bottom. Assuming that you take a gander at other web-based entertainment stages, they by and large favor the Base route Now, there going to be something very similar on WhatsApp.

Assuming you utilize an iPhone, there’s now, a base route on WhatsApp. It’s coming on Android very soon. As I said at the start of this video, there is a lot of new feature coming on WhatsApp.And I think it’s for good & that is really nice.

Prior, there weren’t many changes on WhatsApp, however in the last 2-3 years. New features are being added every month & that’s good. According to me, it’s really good. if you enjoy this Article, then do share it on Whatsapp with your Friends.

Admin Review Alert and Channel Broadcasts on Whatsapp


WhatsApp continues to evolve, offering an array of exciting features designed to enhance your messaging experience. From improved privacy measures to convenient e-commerce integration and personalized status updates, the future of WhatsApp looks promising.

Stay up to date with these updates and make the most of the evolving landscape of communication. Embrace the changes and enjoy a more efficient and engaging WhatsApp experience.

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